Monday, April 18, 2011

Beach Camping, the best

As we left Sydney, we took the scenic route through Stanwell Park and along the coast road with its cliff-edge bridge built over the ocean. Just north of Woolongong, we found the Coledale Beach Camping Reserve. We paid the camping fee and located a site right on the beachfront. Literally. Walk out the front of the tent, across less than 2 metres of grass and down onto the sand. Excellent…..

Listening to the surf, smelling that salt air, feeling the cool breeze on your face, watching the waves roll in under the light of a full moon, what could possibly be better than this?

Coledale Beach

Knowing that we are headed for Halls Creek in Western Australia via the inland roads, and that we probably won’t see any ocean until sometime in August, has motivated us to follow the beach along the NSW coastline for as long as possible.

Our next stop was Pebbly Beach, just north of Batemans Bay. Another excellent spot, although the beach was a short walk away. We met another travelling family and all the kids soon became inseparable, playing together in the dunes and generally having lots of fun.

Pebbly Beach

After packing up the next morning, we wandered down to the beach front for a final look, to be treated with the sight of a pod of 8 dolphins making their way along the length of the beach, rolling, tumbling and jumping along the way. We are constantly dazzled by natural wonders, and there is something therapeutic about experiences like this.

Wonderful stuff.

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