Friday, April 15, 2011

Slow, Slow, Slow……

It seems that we have spent a lot of time recently rushing about. Although we don’t particularly run to an itinery, we always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere. So after spending 3 weeks slowly meandering down the Queensland coastline, and then two months stopped on the Sunshine Coast to replenish our finances, there seemed to be no particular hurry to get to Canberra for Easter with the Mann family, Daniel’s sister, Rebecca and her son Bodhi.

After a sad farewell to family members and friends on the Sunshine Coast, and two nights with Naomi and John in Brisbane, we were ready for the short journey to the Gold Coast for a quick lunch visit with Ashley and Janelle and their three children. That same afternoon we drove along the coastline to Pottsville, just south of Tweed Heads. Finally, we are in NSW after six months in Queensland! Not that we don’t LOVE Queensland, it’s just that we’ve been there for 6 months!

We stayed at the Big 4 Holiday Park, which was the same park Daniel and Karen stayed in back in October on their lofty jaunt to Sydney for the MOPS conference. The holiday park is an excellent P4144886spot to relax, and has many facilities for the kids to enjoy. We only managed to partake of the swimming pool, before we set off again to Nambucca Heads.

On the way, we stopped at Hastings Point, which is where Karen's parents took her on holidays as a child. This is the same spot, on the same point, where she had to pose for photos a few years ago. On our Sydney jaunt in October, we saw a pod of dolphins swimming along in the waves beneath this point, and some whales breaching in the bay. It was an amazing sight that brought back many fond memories for Karen, and we vowed to return sometime on the future. No such luck spotting whales or dolphins today though.

Wishing the children to experience more of what we had seen in October, we returned to the same caravan park in Nambucca Heads as well. This time we were rewarded with a campsite that had direct access to the beach, and excellent facilities. After setting up camp, we all went for a walk along the beach, enjoying the serenity. Up early enough the next morning, we partook of the sunset over the ocean, which was spectacular.

P4154919 P4154938 P4154948

Daniel had made an arrangement to meet with MMM’s National Project Manager at Wyee, just south of Newcastle. We arranged to stay with Lyndon & Kelly (NSW managers for MMM) and their two kids. We camped in the backyard for the weekend, and apart from the rain on the last night, we had a fantastic time. What wonderful people that MMM attracts to its ranks! We also managed to meet with Peter and Lillian for afternoon tea, and despite having to cancel a possible fishing trip, we really enjoyed our short time together.

Lyndon took us for a look around the Lakes District that was a complete mystery to us, and we were surprised to find yet another magical place that we may not have discovered if left to our own devices. The kids all played together on the beach, and new friendships were forged. Perhaps we can assist Lyndon and his team with a project in the future.

P4174956 P4174963 P4174949

It never ceases to amaze me, the diversity of the country that we are privileged to travel around. The many wonderful people and places we have been, the the new discoveries yet to be made along the way. What a wonderful journey thus far………..

More to come…… stay tuned!

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Michele said...

we used to holiday at nambucca heads too lovely part of the world