Monday, April 18, 2011


One can hardly embark on a journey such as ours, without considering that there are some landmarks that you are expected to see. In fact, it almost becomes a rite of passage to your fellow travellers. “What do you mean, you haven’t seen such and such?” they exclaim. “Oh, you really must!” they insist.

It is with this in mind that we departed Wyee, and took a little drive through Sydney.

Into the city…….. yes, the city.P4184973

It is a picture worth a thousand words. A battered looking Troop Carrier, dragging a very large 4WD camper trailer behind it, wandering aimlessly around in Sydney City's busiest streets. We did get some looks! Most people tend to avoid getting too close to our car, because it looks like we really don’t care if we hit them or not, and they would probably come off the worse for wear; so city driving was really quite uneventful.

Having said that, we stopped at a set of lights, heading for the botanic gardens, when a bus pulled up immediately beside us at a red light. The bus driver opened his door and shouted out “Are you guys lost?” We maintained our composure, and informed him that “Yes, we were ok, we are following the direction on our GPS.” He assured us he could give better directions to get us out of the city faster. This very short encounter left us laughing hysterically. We are wondering whether Troopies aren’t allowed in Sydney, and nobody told us.

So we drove across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and then down to The Rocks underneath the bridge for photos. After another jaunt back through the city, we parked in the Botanic Gardens and walked the perimeter to Mrs Macquaries Chair.

Whilst we don’t feel quite ready to move to Sydney, and would consider such a feeling impossible, we did enjoy our quick visit and left feeling very amused at the reactions of people in the streets as we drove past them.

P4184981 P4184976 P4185000

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