Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Great Ocean Road Part 2…

We packed up in the pouring rain with a huge cross wind today!!!! Not good! Thankfully Roger came to our aid and helped us get the camper trailer tent folded down….it wasn’t co-operating. Truth be told it was flapping madly! The three of us managed to get it down and the cover on eventually, but got absolutely sodden in the process. The kids had been rapidly shoved into the dry car, whilst we did our best battling the elements! We watched Roger and Michelle drive off with their caravan…and felt so cold, so wet and so, well envious. Daniel stripped off and changed into warmer clothes (he was turning blue). I thought I wasn’t too wet, but after driving for about an hour I was shivering so badly my teeth were chattering! It was then that we noticed this white stuff on the side of the road….was it snow? Ice? We think now that it was Hail! We were once again on the Great Ocean Road, heading for The 12 Apostles, London Bridge and all that makes this particular drive worthwhile!
We pulled up at The carpark for The 12 Apostles and came face to face with Michelle and Roger again. After a quick toilet stop in the Information centre, and a complete change of clothes & more thick jumpers for me….we were on our way out to see the sea! It was very very cold! The wind was whipping our hair onto our faces, the air…fresh, the ocean ferocious! And then it hailed!
Over-all a memorable day!
The 12 Apostles were breath-taking!
Our family hanging out with The 12 Apostles!
Can you see the storm clouds approaching? It was bitterly cold!
Wasn’t sure which picture to put in….P5110760
Us huddling again, for warmth!!!!
The scenery was amazing but everyone was glued to me…brrrr
Rosa…hands in pockets, every jumper on, do you think it may have been chilly?
Leisl rugged up and still shivering!
Josie, with 2 Hoodies on, a scarf…and a smile! Red riding Hood!

This is looking back at the cliff where the first photo was taken from. Check out the erosion.
me being…arty farty!
P5110784 P5110789 P5110785
P5110792 P5110799 P5110795

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Michele said...


Can handle being cold but cold AND wet - umm no thanks.

LOVE the Great Ocean Rd. I stayed at Appollo Bay with a bunch of friends after Grade 12 (like a mini schoolies I guess) and we were at the London Bridge the day before it collapsed. Good timing hey! Beautiful place but glad it wasnt us stuck out on the end of it with the middle bit cracking away into that ocean below. I think they were rescued by helicopter. Foggy memory it was some 20 years ago....man I am getting old - 39 soon ....only a matter of sleeps and thats a LITTLE toooooo close to the big 40