Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Coorong, SA!!!

Welcome to the Coorong… You do know that name….you, like me, probably first encountered this place on the opening passage of that timeless story “Storm Boy” by Colin Thiele.

“STORM BOY LIVED between the Coorong and the sea. His home was the long, long snout of sand hill and scrub that curves away south-eastwards from the Murray mouth. A wild strip it is, windswept and tussocky, with the flat shallow water of the South Australian Coorong on one side and the endless slam of the Southern Ocean on the other. They call it the Ninety Mile Beach. From thousands of miles round the cold, wet underbelly of the world the waves come sweeping in towards the shore and pitch down in a terrible ruin of white water and spray. All day and all night they tumble and thunder. And when the wind rises it whips the sand up the beach and the white spray darts and writhes in the air like snakes of salt.”

On this, our first night in SA we were thrilled to camp in this glorious spot, all by ourselves. It really is a long snout of sand hills & tussocks! And the Coorong is an extraordinarily long flat body of water, teeming with fish! And the Southern Ocean really does crash mercilessly and endlessly against the coastline…. We all loved this spot. Not only did we get to capture the sun setting but we also witnessed the sunrise…a chilly, but spectacular event, complete with the arrival of a large group of Pelicans! (seriously…CLICK on each photo and open them up bigger, it is a visual feast!)

P5120805 P5120811 P5120813
P5120806 P5120820 P5120823
P5130863 P5130850 P5130854
P5130841 P5130859 P5130864

We were delighted to discover Leisl has to read “Storm Boy” for her English work this term. She was thrilled when she read the first page, and commented wondrously….”Mummy we’ve been there!”

There are some places that one really must see!

You never know….you may just encounter Mr Percival!


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Michele said...

one of my all time favourite books/movies. Get a lump in my throat even now when pick up the book to this day - same one I had when about 6/7. Would love to have visited this place too. Thanks for sharing