Monday, May 10, 2010

The Great Ocean Road Part 1


Our lunch spot in Port Aerie

    Our Lunchtime tableside view of the ocean.

Isn’t it gorgeous!
P5100717  P5100729

The road is literally on the edge of the ocean


We thought these signs were hilarious!

Can you see the 2 horses? We snapped this whilst waiting at roadworks.

My love affair with the ocean continues…

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We left Melbourne eventually…I mean you can’t rush these things….We finally got underway at 11am after changing a flat tyre on the camper trailer. Just what you need….hmmmm. Anyway, after a quick stop to collect the mail that my wonderful parents had forwarded to us, we were on the road, over the Westgate Bridge and heading for the ocean! The mood in the car was electric….Yay!!! We’re on the road again! Let’s see how we feel at the end of this rushed journey to the top of Australia, some 4000 odd kilometres. Packing up every day and setting up every night…. Let’s just say whilst I was a virtual carnival on the inside I was also feeling a bit daunted by this our latest a-dventure.

We had lunch in a lovely little sea-side town called Port Aerie, with it’s red topped lighthouse jauntily standing sentry over the beginning to The Great Ocean Road. We had lunch there, admiring the crashing ocean. It was a pretty good run all the way up to our campsite at Johanna’s Beach. The Great Ocean Road is truly beautiful! Very scenic. The road winds it’s way around the coastline, sometimes at sea level and often seemingly cut out of the side of a mountain! We really loved it….I think I took way too many photos of the ocean and Trees….that kept jumping in the way of the camera….

Whilst we set up camp, on dusk, we got to know our neighbours…. Another travelling family Roger and Michelle and their 2 small children Meg and Adam. These guys were lovely…their little ones were thrilled to see other kids to play with. And over the course of the next few hours Josie constantly had young Adam glued to her side, wide eyed with little boy adoration (he must have been about 4). Too cute. And little Miss Meg just loved us all. Trying desperately to carry things and “help” set up with her pudgey little toddler arms. They gave our guys a run and then dished out Glow necklaces for everyone! We all went to bed happy that night, except for one niggling little concern…it was raining heavily.

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