Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunshine Coast visitors

Good friends of ours, Nigel and Melinda Rattenbury came to Hobart to visit with Nigels’ dad. We convinced them to drive almost all the way across the entire state, and meet us at Mole Creek. Together we went to view Marakoopa Caves.

It is always fantastic meeting up with our friends and there was much merriment and silliness. This was mainly Nigels’ fault, as you can clearly see!



The tour of the Marakoopa cave system takes about an hour, and has many highlights.

The temperature in the caves is always 9 deg. The hand railings are actually too cold to use. 
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P3200247 P3200248 P3200260
P3200273 P3200285 P3200287



A Rare photo of Daniel and a stunned rabbit.






The were shetland cattle in the paddock near the campsite, that looked very cool.


After the tour, we went to the Mole creek caravan park to stay the night, and the Rattenburys’ joined us for dinner. There was a beaut little creek running next to the campsite, and we were able to watch the trout jumping at sunset. We thought there might be some platypus, but didn’t see any.

We enjoyed a campfire dinner, and Nigel regaled us with the story of how he broke his arm recently. I am looking forward to hearing the conclusion to this story, as I received a text message later from Nigel saying it had been healed miraculously.

Our family always enjoys a visit with friends. If you have an opportunity to meet with us somewhere, let us know, and we will see if we can make it happen.

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