Friday, March 26, 2010

Cradle Mountain

No trip to Tasmania could be complete without a trip to Cradle Mountain. This is considered to be one of Tasmania’s highlights and one of the most accessible natural wonders in Australia.

Access is definitely easy, park in the carpark near the information centre, then catch the shuttle bus to the Dove Lake circuit. Then simply walk the 8 kilometre walking track around the lake, and catch the bus back again……what could be easier!

oh… did I mention the 8km walk?

is everybody ready to go?
Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain
Not a sign we encounter much in Queensland
P3170062 P3170058
Karen playing up for the camera, as usual
Walking along…..
Beautiful scenery, trees……aahhh the scerenity
This is as close as we got to the mountain
The walking track is very well made…mostly!
The boat house makes for some very beautiful photos
It started to rain at the end of our walk.
The enchanted forest walk at the ranger station
very enchanting
and very beautiful
One of the waterfall’s near the ranger station
The other waterfall near the ranger station.
When we got back to the car park, we finally saw our first wild wombat……as opposed to all the road kill we have seen.

The walk was difficult due to the fact that Leisl was feeling under the weather. She managed to soldier on and managed to complete the walk admirably. Any time anyone complained about how far it was, or how long we had left, we just had to mention that Leisl was doing it all whilst sick, and the complaints stopped.

At the end we were very happy to get back on the shuttle bus and let someone else drive. We got off at the ranger station, and did another 1km walk around the enchanted forest, but the splendour of Dove Lake made this feel like a poor cousin.

From Leven Canyon in the morning, Cradle mountain in the afternoon, and on to Aunty Peggy’s house in Wynyard tonight…..a perfect day.

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