Saturday, January 30, 2010


Our little convoy of Mum and Sir (Daniel’s totally cool itinerant parents) and us, decided to take a drive down The Channel Highway to Huonville. Now to be absolutely clear…we took the loooooooong way, the scenic route! We could have driven straight down the Highway and only taken 20 minutes! Naaahhh….instead we took the Coastal route, through gorgeous little towns like “KINGSTON”, ‘KETTERING”, “SNUG” and “FLOWERPOT”.

We stopped for Lunch on the side of the road, at a great little spot overlooking Bruny Island, somewhere South of Kettering. This is when the fun really began… Poppy showed the kids just how to eat fresh oysters off the rocks.

P1309039 P1309014 P1309043

It was pretty rugged (and gross for the non-oyster eaters in the family…check out Miss Josie’s face!). Poppy so enjoyed his oyster treats that pretty soon the kids were all running for more…and that’s when Daniel joined in.

P1309024 P1309035 P1309041

I have to say at this point that Mum and I did desist, and only Josie plucked up the courage to try one out of the 4 children… Her reaction is self explanatory.

P1309015 P1309046 P1309017

You may notice the absence of one Miss Rosa in these photos, that’s because she picked up an oyster and little green crabs scuttled out….and that was the end of Rosa, The Princess! She spent the rest of the time sitting at the Picnic Table with her legs well and truly raised!

P1309051 P1309031 P1309020

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