Monday, January 25, 2010

Lake Pedder, Cadbury, High again!

Over the Australia Day long weekend, we spent 3 days sitting at Lake Pedder, in the centre of Tasmania. Any time you drive through the mountains, you can only stop occasionally to photograph the view, or you would never make any progress – there are spectacular views at every turn.


Lake Pedder 2

Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon sit side by side and supply some of Tasmania’s hydro electric power stations. The two lakes are massive, Lake Pedder alone has 3 dam walls. The wall at the Gordon dam is HUGE!

This was a most relaxing and peaceful place to relax for a few days. With Mum and Dad for company, we basically chilled out for three days. The kids rode their bikes all over the place, we watched the Pademelons frolicking in the campsite, and there may or may not have been a few bottles of wine consumed whilst playing cards into the night.

Here are some of the photos (if you click on them, you will get the full view.




Sunset over the Lake 

P1258954 P1258958 P1268993

Kids on their bikes


The Campsite 


Blackberries growing wild on the side of the road 


The Gordon Dam 


2200 Year old Huon Pine Tree 


Hops growing on hanging trellises



Cadbury logo A visit to Hobart could not be considered complete without a trip to the Cadbury factory. Daniel was working, but Karen managed to take the kids along for a day trip. Much chocolate was admired and a reasonable amount was consumed on this day, and for a few subsequent days!









Mt Wellington Another must see in Hobart is the top of Mount Wellington. At 1200m above sea level, it is commonly 10 deg cooler than the temperature in Hobart. We can vouch for this, it was FREEZING up there. We chose a beautiful day to head up the mountain, but by the time we got there, it was a bit cloudy and the wind was blowing straight off Antarctica! The view is something to behold -

P2129221 P2129223 P2129232
P2129279 P2129260 P2129254
Loo with a view
On top of the world
Rock climbing on the mountain

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