Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Under Way Day one


Well we made it. It is difficult to believe that yesterday we drove away from everything and everyone on the Sunshine Coast where we have lived for the past 13 years, and we are actually doing what we have talked about for the past two years!

So today we are sitting in Ashley and Janelle’s house on the Gold Coast and everything we have in the world is parked in the front driveway. Apart from those that are actually in the house of course!

So today we have a special surprise planned for the children, which I can’t write about because Josie is sitting beside me, waiting to use the computer.

At the Hobbs’ house, the camper trailer was covered in little yellow flowers that took hours to clean off with a broom and an air compressor.


After we finally managed the task of packing everything and everyone into the car, we finally headed off at about 3pm (about 2 hours behind schedule).

So today’s plan also includes getting some information on getting the suspension in the car improved. Our tail hung low all the way here, and we need some urgent repairs done before we can go too far.

I did promise more photos of the camper, with the awning set up, so here you are":


Josie says that’s enough for today, I’ll be back soon.

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AJ said...

Hey guys,

The camper looks fantastic, all done up in festive fare! :) Congratulations! Job well done. Now just enjoy. Oh.. and have a fantastic day! ;)