Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi! it's me again. I'm really enjoying traveling! We are in the Gold Coast at the moment with Uncle Ashley and Aunty Jelly, with their 2 girls!

My concert at the church went well. I think we made a really big crowd! After that my family and
I went through the Bethlehem walk where Emma-Kate was playing. Good job E.K!!

My dad is taking us somewhere special today, but he won't tell us when! Such the suspension! Oh it's the tension!!

it's still quite good today!!
I think this is enough from me today!
From Josie!


AJ said...

Oh my goodness Miss Josie, you are in fine form today! :) Great to hear from you guys, and that you are already enjoying things. Today is going to be soooo coool!!! Your parents always plan fantastic surprises, so whatever you end up doing, today will be great. Enjoy! :)

Lachlan B said...

hi Josie,
Hope you enjoyed your time at ''DreamWorld''
What did you do there?
Perhaps you did the giant drop
Or the Wiggles rides [Your favourites!]
Did you see the slime time show[ Last time I went there I got slimed!] Hope you get this soon ,

Bye Lachlan B