Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Cobbs to Hobbs

Last Friday afternoon, we set the camper trailer up in the front driveway of our Cobbs Road residence, and slept in it on Friday and Saturday nights. With the exception of an early morning crow issuing a wake up call (at about 5:00am), everything went well for our first trial run. We all slept well, and comfortably. These photos show the camper trailer tent with the two bedrooms in it. Sorry, no photos yet of the awning area.

So now all we had to do was completely move out of the house before Monday. This was achieved with some much needed and appreciated assistance of a group of our friends who worked solidly until 1am on Sunday night. We cannot thank you enough, and know that you will be pleased that our bond will be refunded in full.

We moved the camper trailer and all other belongings (yet to be sorted) to John and Lyn Hobbs' house in Diddilibah. (No that is not a spelling mistake, it IS a real place!) There was also a very large load that went to the local rubbish dump. At the Hobbs' place, we set up the tent with the kitchen and awning completely. We have established ourselves as though we were in a caravan park, utilising the power to charge the trailers batteries, filled the water tank, and using the toilet, showers and washing machine. This is the kitchen area that folds out from the rear tailgate and sits beside the RHS wheel of the trailer. We also have a fridge and gas bottles on board. It should be enough to make us self sufficient for a few days, at least.
What we need to investigate next is solar panels to keep the batteries charged.
At the Hobbs' house, we found a lovely shady area to park the trailer in, and soon discovered the little yellow flowers that the tree constantly drops. So now the tent and everything else is covered in tiny little yellow flowers.

We have established ourselves as though we were in a caravan park. We have connected the battery charger to the power, utilised the toilet and shower facilities and the washing machine. This has been a fantastic trial run for the past week. Over the weekend, we will relocate to Nat and Chris Stevensons house in Buderim.

If you would like to see the camper trailer in all its glory before we leave, this weekend will be your last opportunity, as we depart for the Gold Coast next Monday.

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