Monday, November 1, 2010

Mad about MOPS…

A few years ago, God gave me a great gift…MOPS! MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) is a unique ministry, one that has grown me, definitely encouraged me and given me a purpose beyond myself. I love MOPS! I love the people I have met through MOPS and I love the way God is at work… At the end of October, just over 200 MOPS Leaders from around the country came together in Stanwell Tops (south of Sydney) for The Australasian MOPS Conference. It was a blast! Our dear friend Barbara Cleak took charge of our four children for 10 days….allowing Daniel and I to attend the Conference without distraction. I know that Daniel is not a “Mother” but we needed a handy fella to help with all that techo stuff!!! Murray Ross headed up the sound desk and he and Daniel were…um…riding on a wave of oestrogen the entire conference! They stuck together, being greatly outnumbered by the women-folk.

Whilst the Australasian MOPS Conference was always factored into the travelling plan for this year, we had so many challenges of recent times we didn’t know how we were going to get there. Money was tight…actually, non-existent. Our stress levels were peaking…. We sat down and worked out the cost of of attending, travelling to and from, factored in accommodation and we shrank. How were we going to manage this??? We prayed….more like cried our hearts out! And God totally took care of the details….so many details…. Let me list just a few….

Thanks to Naomi & John, who lent us their brand new Isuzu with a fuel card…we didn’t have to pay for the fuel to Sydney and back (that singular selfless act saved us $100’s of dollars)

Thanks to some beautiful people who pressed money into our hands or paid for accommodation…we were able to eat, sleep and be well cared for whilst we were away… (we are so blessed)

Thanks to “MODCON” for repairing the rips in our Camper Trailer canvas and the busted zip in our camper trailer doorway whilst we were away…..they repaired it with no expense to us….we couldn’t believe it….we were expecting to pay for the repairs, what an amazing blessing, from such lovely people!

Thanks to the beautiful inspiring selfless women who are involved in MOPS Leadership across the country, you are the most beautiful people I have ever had the privilege to rub shoulders with…so very blessed to spend time in your company.

I have so much to be thankful for…. The Conference was really special. It started with a BANG! Literally….and then a big-busted professor A-demBra took the stage….hmmm she sort of resembled me, but sadly I have no photographic evidence of said person! (Phew!) From start to finish I really enjoyed it, the worship, the song “Even There”, the company, the bed blessings, the chance to catch up with MOPS Leaders I had visited throughout the year, the teaching, the chance to hang out with Shelly Radic (current President Of MOPS International) & Liz Selzer, the fun, the laughs, the tears, even the time I got locked outside!!! It was great to be there.


I got to hang out with Liz Selzer

Such a sweet lady!


The beautiful Shelly Radic!

Such a honey…


Gorgeous MOPS Leaders from the Sunshine Coast…

Melissa, Melanie & Donna from Glasshouse Community MOPS

Kylie, Tracey & Simone from MBC MOPS


Our keynote speakers

Shelly Radic & Liz Selzer

what a blessing to rub shoulders with these two incredible women!

Field Staff Training followed…and it was inspiring to say the least… My heart is burdened with the thought that there are Mums out there who are doing it tough! Who have no support, no help and need encouragement. The phrase “see no Mum Alone” has taken hold…I can’t shake it! I’m not sure how I can do it….but with the Lord’s help….I can make a difference….I can sow seeds for Jesus and hopefully, I can do what I can to “See No MOPS Leader Alone” as well.

“Even there His hand will guide me, His right hand will hold me fast” (Psalm 139:10)

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