Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling a little Home-School…

Years ago when our eldest child was old enough to go to BIG school, we had the Discussion about how and where we were going to educate our children. Daniel presented many strong arguments supporting Home-Schooling, and I remember very clearly saying that I could never Home-School our brood! It’s funny the way Life twists and turns and pretty soon you find yourself doing one of those things you swore you’d “never do”!

It’s the end of term three of my first attempt at Schooling my own children. We have survived thus far….just! The last week of this term just about did me in. What a shocker of a week! We arrived in Townsville with numerous assessment tasks to finish off, and it seems a diminishing level of patience. The children were amazing! I sat down with each one and went through the list of what needed to be finished and the little champions got in there and did it! Nonna was on hand to share the load with me (She Rocks! got to love those retired Teachers!).

It seems we had an insurmountable task to complete most of Term 2’s work as well as Term 3’s in this Work Return! That coupled with two vehicle break-downs, limited internet access and 1000’s of kms travelled mostly through remote areas. The pressure was HUGE!!!

There were a few tear your hair out totally Grrrrrr moments I confess. I fear the lovely Walmsley family from Nhulunbuy and Nonna and Poppy in Townsville saw the worst of it. By the time we reached Townsville Connor had loudly declared he was done with school thank you very much! He can already read (chapter books) he is good at Maths and as for writing….well he’s proven he can do it already! So with a good deal of persuasion, bribery and coercion… was all done and dusted and sent in to School. For the first time this year we are going to take School Holidays! Yay!!! I fear I will turn into a hairless snapping beast if we don’t!!! I love my children….I really LOVE my children! So help me, I love my children!!!

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