Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pure Genius

P8032198When we were preparing to go to Maningrida, we knew were going to be away from shops for 4-5 weeks. We can usually carry enough food to last the six of us 7-10 days. It was decided that we needed more storage space. We have 2 roof bars on our Troop Carrier, and I decided that this would be the ideal location for our extra storage needs. But how to build a low cost, light weight but strong roof rack, when you are a long way from home? After much thought, I installed an old security screen door to the roof bars, and now have a low cost roof rack that is light weight, strong, and has plenty of spaces for the bungy straps to hook on. I was given the screen door by a client, and the hardware to secure it cost less than $20.

It worked a treat. Pure Genius!


Kristelle Mann said...

Who's a Smarty Pants, Errhmm I mean a smart elec then!

Daniel AD said...

I sent this article to Camper Trailer Australia magazine for their "Why didn't I Think of That" section.

They liked the idea so much, the awarded me the winner for this month's issue. I have won a Dometic Portable Toiloet!

So, now Karen has begun pating me out even more for this brilliant idea....