Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tumbling Waters…

Every now and then you come across a pretty special campsite and some pretty special people….

We took off this weekend in search of some R & R. After putting in some hard yakka on the MMM project at Noonamah (my legs are still sore from “cutting in” – painting in the edges/all the places the roller wouldn’t reach), and Daniel has worked very very hard building…wiring…painting etc. He’s exhausted!

So it didn’t take a whole lot of brain work to accept an invitation to meet up with a family we met recently whilst camped at Edith Falls (just north of Katherine). We jumped at the chance to meet at Tumbling Waters for the weekend. Stuart, Vanessa and their 2 funky little blokes Jack & Levi also hail from the Sunshine Coast, and are travelling around Australia in a camper trailer just like some other crazy family we know intimately!


These guys are great company…and they thought we would like this place… Tumbling Waters is very cool! It is a campsite/caravan park that offers not only a beautiful landscape but has a walk through freshwater crocodile enclosure, plus hands on feeding experience, boasts an outdoor cinema (just bring your own chair!) a make your own didgeridoo experience and is a stone’s throw from one of the most gorgeous spring fed pools we’ve ever seen.

P5291088 The Berry Springs Waterfall

The girls getting a massage…P5291096

The main pool at Berry Springs, just jump in…it’s deeeeeeepP5291117


Can you see the kids are poking the croc! with their very edible FINGERS!!!!!

Connor told me he “wants” this one!!! Ahhh no I don’t think so

Josie & Leisl making toilet noises…heh heh

Stu & Vanessa had encouraged us to go for a dip at Berry Springs Nature Park. Wow! What an experience! The water was so clear, we could see the fish clearly. The little waterfall had a hollow in behind it that you could duck under and sit behind the rush of water….it was pretty LOUD in there! Not to mention the full on back massage you got from the rush of water! It was not cold water, but was very refreshing…. The Main pool was enormous! And sooooo deep none of us could touch there. The twins freaked out about this at first but then loosened up considerably and by the time we left they were happily diving in and half swimming/half drowning/half dog paddling back to the edge.

And to top it all off Vanessa shared this really cool recipe with me…Yummo! Give these a try, they are delicious! Let me know how you go…

Vanessa’s Awesome Fetta & Pine Nut Meat Balls

Mix mince, fetta, pine nuts, squeeze of garlic, a squeeze of coriander, (Vanessa uses Gourmet Garden tubes whilst travelling), dash of salt & pepper…shape and cook in a little oil!


taking some time to chill-ax!


Michele said...

what a beautiful place
So no crocs in the big deep pool I hope?

Kristelle Mann said...

One word - jealous.
Loved the Berry Springs, loved all the areas in the Territory. Hmmm how long have we got to get there before you leave?

Kristelle Mann said...

There's a family of 4 (mum, dad and 2 kids who also left southern QLD) and headed north QLD that are 'blogging' in That's Life! or Take 5! each week and every now and then when I get the mag I catch up on their story. Same deal, car, camper trailer, kids, home schooling. They also are meeting quite a few doing the same thing. See you're not stark mad, there's lots of you! JOKE! I'm not sure if I could do it, but I'm certainly considering it every time I read more of your blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you chillaxing in the springs hope you are getting to have timeout.Love Miaxx