Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our night at Mindil Markets!

By Miss Josie

What a night!

After parking a LONG way off, and walking a bit, we saw this awesome sunset over the water.


I was doubting that the markets would be there, because it had been cancelled the previous week, but I had no need to worry. It was so crowded! I saw the view from a viewing spot, and there was hundreds of people on the beach to get a good shot of the sunset. Dad had to go back to get the car, and it was pretty useful to do so when it came time to leave.03062010458

There was plenty of stalls to explore! We met up with my mum’s brother-in-law’s little sister, Fiona (nice name), her partner, Justin, and their three kids, Andre, Jemma and Alice. We saw a performance of busking fire-jugglers. The things that they can do! I thought of them more like a mini circus. One man kept on drinking and breathing hot flames at the end! I think he was drinking Metho or something (yuck!). Another guy did the rings. I don’t get how they can join several rings without anything. At the finale, the man who threw rings changed his costume and became a dragon. Two people were made to come up before, and they had to keep jumping up and down while the man played skipping with a flaming rope! Well, the people got to sit down again, and the fire breathing man kept on TRYING to throw water on the dragon’s fiery back. of course, it didn’t work. And we were all amazed when he breathed fire and we could feel the heat from a long way off.

At the end us kids went for a wander for a bit and saw an awesome sand castle. I wish we had gotten a photo of it, because it wasn’t any little kid’s castle. No, adults had sculpted a staircase and turrets and all these cool features.

After that we went for a stroll. there was so many cool stalls to see, and so many different cultures! We stopped at some different clothes stalls, and I got a colourful dress. We listened to buskers, and I saw this girl playing the guitar and singing beautifully. I wish we’d stopped to listen longer, she was so good.

03062010459We went through the food stalls, and I was very tempted, but we’re on a tight budget, and I wanted to save my money for something worthwhile. Turned out, it was a good decision. We stopped at a jewellery store, and Rosa got a necklace, and a cute little ring. At first, she wanted to buy a toe-ring, which was absolutely hilarious! I think she thought it was a normal ring. I got a blue frangipani necklace, and Connor got a crocodile tooth necklace. Typical boy! Leisl got a rainbow bag for a discount, but the parents didn’t get anything. it was a good night, for every one of us kids to get one or two things.

We had to walk up a fairly steep hill, and finally we got to the car. I was so glad when we came to our campsite. We said goodnight to Mr and Mrs Bauer, (they had just moved there that night, and unfortunately couldn’t come to the markets. they’ll probably go this Sunday, when it’s on again.)and tumbled into bed.

The next morning Mum announced,’’it’s time to get your doonas.’’ And it was. It was so cold that night! Mum didn’t sleep much at all. She was too busy zipping up windows and pulling her merino blanket over Leisl and I. I mean, it was 15 degrees c when I got up. That’s just enough to put a light jumper on and for you to be a little chilled.

WHAT HAPPENED TO NICE, HOT, SUMMERY DARWIN!!?? Oh yeah. It’s nice, cool, WINTERY Darwin. Grr… I want it to be summer again. We were robbed of it when we went to Tassie. And Creswick, and Melbourne, and the Great Ocean Road, and South Australia… we hardly had a summer at all!

Anyway, I still think 15 degrees in the morning is better than 6 degrees in the morning, and it’s still lovely and with a little bit of summer.


From Josie in Palmerston.


AJ said...

Love your post Josie! It sounds like you're having a brilliant time, and having lots of new and wonderful experiences. Don't stress too much about summer. It'll be hot again before you know it. :)

Love ya.

Kristelle Mann said...

Wow, Josie, you guys are having a ball up there. The Mindil Markets were lovely. I got a quick trip round them after taking Talitha to the Dr's and before having to pick up my Father-In-Law, wife, and sister-in-law from them.
I'll let you know something that will make you feel better about waking up to 15 degrees, we are barely making it to 15 during the day and we are waking up to -3! On monday when I had to take Mr Mann to the hospital at 6:30am, it was -4.2! At least when you were here in summer, you got to swim, so it wasn't too bad for you here. We'll let you come back and camp in the backyard in summer again! Love Mrs Mann

SS said...

Hey Josie (and all you others!) I would love to visit those markets and even be able to camp the way you guys do (well, maybe not ALL the time, couple of days will do me) but you are seeing so much more than I will ever get to see and experience. Love the photos (specially the You Kill it, we grill it!!!!!Yuk). I have seen the roos on the road on the way back from Perth in Mr. Cook's double bogey road train so can't imagine cooking them up. I am keeping you all in my prayers and give all the kids a special hug from me. Love Stevie