Saturday, May 8, 2010

Romping around the Marvellous Melbourne Museum…

One of the coldest days we had in Melbourne, drove us indoors. So we headed off to the Melbourne Museum. It was an awesome way to spend the day and certainly one of the highlights of our trip to Melbourne!

P5050677 P5050679 P5050676

We spent quite a long time there facing down live spiders, walking in the shadow of dinosaurs, bee-ing bugged, admiring Phar Lap, resting on trams and even resting on the moon!

Join us for a little photographic explanation….

P5050652 P5050632 P5050636
P5050637 P5050657 P5050653
P5050659 P5050665 P5050663
P5050644 P5050683 P5050664

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Michele said...

V happy to see some new posts from my favourite traveller. Love the moon pics. LOVE LOVE LOVE Melb Museum it is such a great place to get lost in for several hours (partic on a cold melb day). Happy travels (oh and PS you definately win the hair growing - gave up and cut mine all off ....only to be battling the stupid growing out phase once again cause of course I hate it.....word to the wise....NEVER get your haircut when premenstrual and miserable : )) ha ha