Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We’re in a JAM!

We find ourselves in a bit of a jam…we’re stuck here!

Well, just until Daniel can work long enough to pay for our passage off the Little Isle! He has been working every day, so that's a Blessing. Now, if only we could sell our car back on the Sunny Coast….that would really help!

Anyway, so as Daniel is out and about, leaving the children and I here without a car. We find ourselves helping with all kinds of activities. The children have witnessed jam and chutney making first hand! They were just amazed that Great Aunty Jan didn’t use a bread maker to make Jam in….like their Mum has in the past.

It’s been a good experience for the children to take 10 kgs of Apricots and cut them up and be a part of making something really really yummy!

P1188758 P1188753 P1188752

Although there’s plenty of sampling going on too, let me tell you. Not all the Apricots make it into the Jam…don’t tell Great Aunty Jan!!!

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Anonymous said...

cool can you send me the recepie it sound realy yummuy just by the apricots