Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A walk in the park…

Hobart is an interesting city… I may reveal my naiveté here but the picture I had in my head of Tassie is vastly different to what it really is like… I was thinking rolling green hills, fluffy white sheep with black faces…a capital city on the coast, with thundering waves… Hmmm feeling exposed right now with my limited life experience. It’s more, um golden than green, definitely hilly, yes there are numerous sheep but we’ve only seen a few with black faces….and there is no Beach as such in Hobart, so no thundering waves….but plenty of wind! Don’t get me wrong, I really do like it here. Well to be totally honest I love the daytime! Even the Twilight is growing on me… I just don’t like being cold! something that I’m currently copping a lot of flack for…but hey, it’s cool. It really is! and once the sun lays it’s Golden Head to bed, all heat goes with it… From my perspective the sun slips over the other side of Mount Wellington and gradually coaxes all it’s warmth to follow…then the Twilight provides interference for the cold lurking just out of sight. Sigh.

Hobart is a lovely city, perched on the banks of the Derwent River, not on the Coastline as I had thought (*Blush*).

P1158674 P1158677

There is no denying it is a beautiful place. One stroll through The Royal Australian Botanic Gardens will convince anyone of that. And just looking around, beautiful river views are laid out in every direction. Roses grow abundantly here, I haven’t yet seen a House without a Rose Bush. And they are so fragrant! Anyway, back to The Royal Australian Botanic Gardens. The Gardens are amazing!

I think I have a new favourite flower; Fuchsias! They remind me of little dancing girls…so pretty.

P1158713  P1158718 P1158714

My dancing girls, twirling their dancers…

There were many other beautiful parts of the Gardens…

P1158684 P1158690  P1158686
P1158735 P1158692  P1158694
P1158722 P1158706 P1158730

Hobart may not be what I originally envisaged, but it is certainly worth a visit. I just recommend you come for their one or two days of Summer, and limit your activities to Daylight hours…. :)

Oh, and for the record….I finally spotted some black faced sheep driving down a back road in Hobart the other day! So there you go….


Michele said...

Maybe getting Tassie confused with NZ (or at least a version of NZ)?

Glad to hear we are still capable of learning things and having our beliefs challenged as adults : )

Lin said...

Hello beloved friend...You need to wait for SPRING. Then it may well be stunningly green with daffodils along the roadside and fields of tulips swaying in the breeze and snow capped mountins to enjoy in the distance! Seriously that's my memories of Tassie esp the north-west in October. I have photo evidence even...but you may well and truly not survive the winter I suspect! Have to add to the teasing about the supposed c-c-cold. Ha ha- 12 years on the ACT does that to one!!