Saturday, January 9, 2010

Marvellous Melbourne!!!

We were kind of torn today…knowing we really had to get to Melbourne so that we could catch the boat to Tassie on Sunday…but reluctant to leave this great campsite at Shallow Inlet! Oh well, we got over it, and got onto the road.

We decided to take the costal road and found ourselves stuck in heavy traffic at Phillip Island. There was a car show on, and it seemed the whole of Melbourne was there in support. No car parks to be found, so after a sloooooowwww drive-by we skidaddled.

It was Hot again… So hot and dry that our wraps went hard before we could finish eating them at lunch time. Seriously!!!

We headed into the Big City of Melbourne and had tea with our mate Dave Matthew. It was great to see him, and hang out for a few hours in air conditioning! We waited to catch up with Antoinette (who didn’t finish work until late) before hitting the road again, heading for Geelong for the night.

After navigating our way across Melbourne, through tolls and tunnels and over the hugest bridge I think I’ve ever been on….Westgate Bridge; we crawled into Port Arlington at about 11:30pm. Poor Great Uncle Tim & Great Aunty Lois, and Mum & Sir were still up waiting for us!!!

We didn’t set up the tent, choosing instead to set the kids up on their inflatable mattresses on the floor and Daniel and I utilised the guest bedroom.

We stayed with Tim & Lois (Daniel’s Mum’s brother) for 2 nights. And spent most of the next day trying to buy thermals for our rapidly approaching Tassie trip….as well as a new pair of shoes for Josie! It seems her feet have grown several sizes overnight! I simply cannot keep her shod! She finally decided on a pair of sandshoes from the 24 hour K-Mart store that we found….(another thing you don’t see in Queensland) after a full day of looking/searching/hunting! We were very happy to head back to Tim and Lois’s for Dinner and bed.

Early start in the morning….got to catch the boat to Tassie! :)

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