Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Friends, Farewells and a Fabulous Campsite

We lingered in bed this morning, and took our time packing up. Partly cos we were tired but mostly cos we were still recovering from the Freaky yet wonderful drive the previous afternoon. And we all knew that today we were parting ways with the Mann Clan. It was so cool to share this experience with good friends, and so nice for the children to have their mates to play with. It was special.
I so encourage you, if you can, to come join us and travel a bit with us.
Who knows where we’ll lead you? One thing I can guarantee is it’ll be a stop and smell the Roses type of trip cos we are so dang slow!!!
Anyway, we parted ways with the Mann Clan after coming down from Hotham along strangely named stretches of road like “The Devil’s Backbone”… We said our farewells in the town of Bruthen. And there were tears all round… Why are Goodbyes so hard??? Rosa was particularly distressed and cried for quite some time, dear hearted little tyke…
Daniel wanted to check out Lakes Entrance so we headed in there for a brief splash in the chilly Tasman Sea and a quick look-see. It was here that we were caught up in the antics of some black swans playing in the river, gee they were funny, fluffing up their feathers.
Josie on the Beach
Rosa “just chillin”
Leisl…lovin it!
Cruisey Connor
We pushed on to make camp at the bottom of Wilson’s Promontory for the night at a great campsite at “Narrow Inlet”. We somehow fluked a campsite with direct Beach access a stone’s throw from our annexe and a toilet in cooee as well. It was a gorgeous spot. Although I might mention at this point that Rosa, Josie and I had a run in with a fat bodied sinister looking gray spider here that had tried to make a home in the folds of our tent door. Eeeeewwwwwwww. Consequently Rosa (who’s terrified of spiders…) took quite some time to settle and was totally freaked out when going to the toilet later on that evening.
We decided to linger here for an extra night and get some washing done. Which took all morning. We have this quaint little hand powered eco-washer that you turn the handle on and thereby wash your clothes, then you rinse them out and hang them up. The clothes don’t quite come out as clean as they would in a normal washing machine, and it’s quite time consuming…but it’s better than nothing. As long as you have a fair breeze and a bit of sun, she’s apples!!!
The Ranger was teasing us for being Queenslanders actually. He reckons all the southerners choose shady campsites, but you can pick the Queenslanders cos they’re asking for sunny sites. And they’re cold! What’s with that…? Hmmm. It worked for us, we got all our washing dry. Mind you we had to be creative with the line we used to hang it all out. We even hung socks and denims all over Daniel’s work ladder!!!
It wasn’t all work here. The kids happily rode their bikes all over the Campsite from the front gate through to the very extremities in all directions. Daniel blessed us all with some yummy Pancakes for lunch and then again with Coconut Battered Fish for dinner! HOG HEAVEN!!! All whilst I diligently supervised the children on the Beach. After deciding the water was positively arctic… They made an entire village out of sand called “Askey-Doria!” Not sure how they came up with that name!!? Oh and my idea of supervision consisted of one camping chair, a jumper (the sea breeze was a bit brisk for this little Queenslander) and a good book to read! You should try it some time, very relaxing!!!
It was sooooo good to kick back and chillax, so good that we didn’t actually take any photos! We’re both kicking ourselves now. Sorry about that.

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