Wednesday, November 18, 2009


26 Days or 4 Weeks to go!!!!

Hi! it's Leisl here...
We saw the car today while we were headed for school, it is awesomely big!
I'm not sure if we will be getting it straight away. Hopefully we will soon.
  • It's white.
  • It doesn't have a Boat motor on the back of it!
  • It's a Troopie.
  • And it's got a high roof!
see you later mate! :)


AJ said...

Hi Leisl,

It's cool you're excited about the car! :) I saw it yesterday too and it's really cool. You must be very excited now that you've only got 25 days until you go.

Love ya mate.

Mrs James. xx

Nessie said...

Hello Beautiful Leisl!

I haven't seen the car yet (but I'm sure I will soon!) I can't wait to hear more about your AD Ventures!

Love ya lots, Gorgeous Girl,

The Shoe-a-rific Mrs Stevenson xo