Friday, November 27, 2009

2 weeks and 4 days!!

Hi! I'm back again. I hope you've read my last blog post. that was my first blog post about going around Australia and how realistic it is now . Now it's getting more realistic every day!! We've got our new car, and it's called The Big Brick, and we get our campertrailer today!!
My concert at the church is coming up. I hope you can make it. It's on the 12th of December at 6pm, just to remind you. It sure is exciting!!


Miss Josie said...

I like seeing your comments. Please give as many as you want!!

AJ said...

Hi Josie,

It seems you've become quite good at posting! Well done. We are looking forward to seeing your concert. I think 'The Brick' is a very good name for your new car... and the campertrailer is SO COOL!! :)

Love ya. xx

Karen A-D said...

We go to Brisbane to collect the camper trailer, and our 10 year old BLOGS by herself!!!!! What's with that?

Well done Miss Josie! Cheeky girl!!!!

The Brick is going well, NOW.... the Headlight problem seems to have subsided. It is being modified today.

AJ said...

He he... teach 'em young! :)