Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Pinnacles

You know, when we set out on this journey (nearly two years ago) we had a vague idea of the places we wanted to go to….a bucket list of sorts. It seems the more we travel this wide, often brown, land…the more we add to the list for “next time!” It seems that phrase has been used with an ever increasing frequency lately as we simply are running out of time. Watch this space…we will be posting soon on where we’re heading to settle in the very near future! However in the meantime we are getting out to see as much as we possibly can now Smile

We have loved travelling through and experiencing Western Australia! The BIG State! There are so many cool places to explore and so many that you just have to see.

The Pinnacles are one of those must see spots!


We had an idea of what we thought it would look like, but it was, well different to what we expected! For a start I had expected it to be a long way inland, not a hop skip and a jump away from the Coastline. It seemed so….random. Whilst it is in a desert of sorts, in many places you can see the sea! The other thing I had expected was a 4WD track, but that too was not the case. You are not permitted to tow your camper trailer or caravan through the Park, I suspect because of some of the tight turns. However the road is firm, and all manner of vehicles could easily take the drive. We drove through several times, pulling into lay-aways and jumping out to get up close and personal with The Pinnacles!


The children had talked for days about playing hide and seek in amongst the great limestone stacks, so they wasted no time getting amongst them.



We quickly discovered where Billy Connelly did his “nudie run.” If we had…say….a where’s wally type spandex suit or a Travelling Beanie Smile I am sure Daniel would have done this! Perhaps it is a Blessing for all that he didn’t! However, I am putting it out there for travelling friends “Beth and Jason”….when you get to The Pinnacles we will be watching closely to see just what you do!!! Smile

We were amazed at the huge sand dunes seemingly poised ready to engulf the unsuspecting Pinnacles standing below. It really is an unusual place. On one end there were desert sand dunes, in other parts there were small Pinnacles, in yet other parts there were towering Pinnacles that made the Troopy look small.

PB153372 PB153377 PB153367
PB153426 PB153433 PB153417
PB153421 PB153457 PB153441

What a great day! We thoroughly enjoyed romping through the Pinnacles!

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Jason & Beth said...

Its on Karen! Not sure when we will get there but we'll take the challenge lol btw love the pics!!