Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blown Away

On the drive just north of Carnarvon, there is a little place called Quobba Point. A fellow traveller recommended we call in and check out the sights.
The first attraction is the blowholes. Small caves are eroded into the rocks at the edge of the ocean and the action of the waves pushes large volumes of water into these caves. With nowhere to go, the pressure builds up inside and eventually something has to give. Any crack or opening to the surface becomes the ejection point for this water, and the results can be spectacular. We have seen blowholes before, so we knew what to expect. Whoops! Never let your preconceived ideas run too far, they might just get blown away.
We walked across the top of the cliffs towards a small jet of water that appeared every now and then above the edge. Suddenly a HUGE wave engulfed the rocks below us, and an enormous blast of foaming sea water erupted from below the surface and swamped everything in its path. WOW! The jet must be about 20-25m high, from a hole that looks to be about 1m across.
It’s very impressive, to say the least.
Once we had videos and photographed to our hearts content, we drove around the point to reveal two things simultaneously. One was a spectacular protected reef system, just metres from the shore, which would be awesome for snorkelling. The second was that both camera batteries were now flat. Not good.
We fell back to our reserve camera, Daniels mobile phone, and captured this beautiful spot. The children felt the water temperature and suddenly snorkelling was off the menu, so we continued our journey, heading for Carnarvon.

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