Friday, September 9, 2011

Lake Argyle

Kununurra is nice and all, but Lake Argyle is awesome!


We stayed in Hidden Valley Caravan Park for four days, so we could finish off the school term and get all the work sent in to the teacher. Alas, on our last day, the entire north west was inundated with smoke from 25 fires that had been lit over a 700km area. It made for some interesting photos, but was difficult to breathe at times.


We drove out to Lake Argyle and set up in the lakeside caravan park. After a quick drive to the dam wall and its subsequent river, we decided the best place to be was the swimming pool. Until we felt the water temperature. It was currently 18 deg in the water, and freezing! We can’t manage a boat cruise on the river yet, so will have to settle for some lookouts, maps and local stories.

Lake Argyle is enormous! Up to 16 times the size of Sydney Harbour it encompasses over 1000 square kilometres of land. There are three spillways over separate dam walls, but you can only visit one of them easily. We were told that when you sit in the middle of the lake, you cannot see land in any direction!

Next time we visit Lake Argyle, hopefully we can do a boat cruise and learn a little more…

Lake Argyle

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