Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bounding through S.A.

After hanging out with the lovely Martin family in Mildura, we set off for Hall’s Creek via the “inland route”, ducking across the border at Renmark, having a quick stopover in bbbbbrrrrr Burra, making a dash through Port Augusta up to Coober Pedy and the N.T. border! This time we had some company too. Mum and Sir (Daniel’s parents) joined us for this leg of the journey, much to our delight!


Our little Askey-Doran convoy….

The Stuart Highway is thus far Daniel’s least favourite drive…..it’s long. straight and according to him….unremarkable! It’s interesting to me how I can still be learning about this man I married years later. I find this drive really interesting, noting the changes in the country, the ridges, the emus (otherwise known as “V8 chickens”), the trucks with their increasing numbers of trailers, the huge no. of travelling public!

I should mention at this point we picked up a Hitch-hiking mouse in Mildura….and after a few days of mouse poo and shredded plastic bags….we located “Minnie” in Coober Pedy. Quite simply she had to be a girl because she was too polite to nibble any of our fruit….she only went for the chocolate! Typical female!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed having Mum and Sir travelling with us. The children were absolutely thrilled to have their Nonna and Poppy all to themselves. It just proves the theory; that children and Grandparents have a common enemy! Hmmmmm.

We camped at the Lake Hart Rest Area. Which afforded us a picturesque colour show for sunset and sunrise. It was here that we went for a wander down to the Lake and got to experience the unique feeling of salt crystals crunching underfoot. There was also a huge stack of discarded salt that we assume was mined at some point…..


Climbing the salt mound

Salt Crystals


We conquered the salt mound!



Scrummy colours!

After Lake Hart we set off for Coober Pedy, choosing to stay just a bit out of town at Riba’s Underground Camp Ground. We stayed here last year on our quick trip through, so this time we were determined to have a bit more of a look around. Whilst Mum and Sir took off on their flight over Lake Eyre, our family went exploring. We found Coober Pedy a fascinating place, all be it unusual. The Big Winch sits on top of the best view of the township….and is itself interesting. I am amazed that the original winch handle was destroyed by a cyclone! Yep, you read that right….a cyclone! Who would have thought a cyclone could hit Coober Pedy….but there you go.

P5035602 P5035603 P5035600
P5035588 P5035589 P5035606

someone has written below…and free spell check! Funny!

We took an Opal Mine Tour onsite, which was fantastic! We even got to have a go at using divining rods to find where the slides were (which should reveal opal). It was interesting, informative and well worth doing.

P5035625 P5035620 P5035609
P5035615 P5035617 P5035618

While we were in Coober Pedy I took advantage of the wonders of technology and skyped into my Book Club group, Lit n Latte! it was so cool to be able to stay connected with those funky God chicks. It felt like I was there in the room…well, kind of. It was such a blessing! Smile

By lunch time the next day we were in the Territory! But I had to share these photos with you….they are a cack! This was a little insignificant fuel stop right at the top of S.A….


Connor & Leisl

Leisl & Rosa

Rosa, Leisl & Connor

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Michele said...

Just WHAT are you feeding those kids of yours on this road trip - roasted V8 Chickens?
Funny pics and nice to have some posts from you. Love the skyping in to bookclub.