Sunday, April 4, 2010

Legends in Wood

Just out of Scottsdale, there is a little nondescript village called Legerwood. Other than a very large factory, this is a very small town. you can drive through it in about 2 minutes.

Save for one thing that might just stop you in your tracks.

In 1918, the town planted some trees in the park to commemorate the soldiers from the area who had died in World War 1. In 2001, the local council decided that the trees had served their useful life and were becoming a public nuisance, so they needed to be cut down. the locals put their heads together and came up with a plan.

They proposed to have the trees cut by Eddie Freeman, a local chainsaw artist, into carvings that would also honour the fallen men. Eddie read each mans history and carved the trees in remembrance of each mans contribution to the war and the local area. The local townspeople raised the money to pay for the work. the carvings were unveiled on ANZAC Day 2006.

The result is simply stunning. We were left speechless and in tears as we read through the plaques and wandered around this remarkable place.



P3300420 P3300419
P3300440 P3300435
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Michele said...

and THIS is why you are doing what you are doing (finances and cold and all that worth it to see things like this that you/kids just would not get to see staying in the one place)