Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Platypus for breakfast

P3039689On the way towards Launceston, we stopped for an award winning pie in Scottsdale. We found the local war memorial with its tree carvings commemorating the war. Most of these carvings were done from the original tree and they look amazing. Beside the carvings of Simpson and his Donkey is the story of this remarkable and unusual war hero.

The pie was fantastic, and well worth the stop!

We had been recommended by fellow travellers to find a little place called Myrtle Park Recreation Ground and stop there for a night if possible. We found it on the map about half way between Scottsdale and Launceston aP3039692nd so we headed there for the night. The most remarkable thing about Myrtle Park is the entrance fees. At only $3.00 per campsite per night, even we could afford this place. Within an hour of our arrival, we had booked to spend another week here later in the month. There are large spread out open campsites with fire circles, rubbish bins and direct river frontage.

Every dawn and dusk there are Platypus swimming and fossiking around in the river. Unperturbed by the humans, it is amazing to watch this unusual creature in his natural environment. So as we are eating breakfast we are watching the platypus swim around less than 10 metres from us.


P3049710 P3049711

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Michele said...

Love the platypus show each morning. Seriously envious. Thinking how much Ella would love that