Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Right in the heart of Launceston, there are signs encouraging visitors to head towards Cataract Gorge. Being the curious individuals that we are (and having been encouraged to have a look), we ventured a drive to do just that.

WOW! Right in the heart of Launceston there is this amazing gorge and river system that has been a local attraction for many years. It was well worth the visit.

The suspension bridge
Her bravery know no bounds!
Very cool little shelter
Incredible view from the bridge
Very large and old trees here
View from the other side of the gorge
The river was a little cool, no swimming today!
Looking back across the lake towards the bridge
Having fun in the escalator

Karen adopted one of her artsy, fartsy moods and took hundreds of photos of anything that she could see. Here is a small sampling:-)

P3099825 P3099822 P3099820

There is also a chair lift from one side of the gorge to the other. We didn’t manage to ride this, but it looks like fun. This photo also shows the playgrounds and pool area, that regularly spills over when the river is flooded. There are some photos of this at the lookout above the suspension bridge.


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AJ said...

Artsy fartsy ideed! LOVE the pics of the trees, they are so COOL! :) A couple of them look like they should be in 'Alice in Wonderland'.