Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Relatively Speaking….

We set out from Devonport, keen to explore the Apple Isle!

Heading first to La Trobe, where we sampled the sweetest, juiciest, plumpest Cherries from a little place called ‘The Cherry Shed’. Yummo!!! There was also a gorgeous spot here for Platypus viewing, but I fear we came too late in the morning to spot any. Still, it was very picturesque!

The Information Centre at La Trobe

Tagging along with Mum & Sir


Platypus Viewing

We headed up through Railton, the town of Topiary, to Sheffield, the town of Murals, where Uncle Robbie used to live, before heading back to the Bass Highway to Longford for Lunch.

P1118606 P1118609 P1118611
P1118617 P1118614 P1118619

In Longford we stayed with Mary-Cath and John (Daniel’s Dad’s favourite cousin!). We got to know them and their Children and Grand Children over a lovely afternoon. The kids were delighted to meet their hmmm I guess 4th cousins… Chelsea (9) and Sophie (nearly 11). They had a wonderful time in the pool together. We set up our camper trailer in their front yard and thoroughly enjoyed our 2 night stop over with them, eating from their abundant garden and enjoying family stories. The children all got together and performed for us on the 2nd night. We were entertained by singing, dancing, recorder playing, keyboard playing, violin playing and Connor Emceed the whole event! It was very memorable!

Whilst we were in Longford, we took advantage of the close proximity to Poatina to pay a visit to our good friend from the Sunshine Coast, Barbara. it was roughly a half hour drive from where we were staying to the base of The Western Tiers to Poatina, the National Office for Fusion. Barbara is in Poatina to clean rooms at the moment….for those of you who don’t know the indomitable Barbara, she is 71 and runs rings around us!!! She’s a goer!!! And she is very dear to our family, having looked after our children so well on many occasions. It was lovely to catch up with Barbara and to get a feel for the town. We even had a ride on Thomas The Tank Engine whilst we were there!!! We are hoping to head back there to camp at some point whilst we’re in Tassie…



When we came back from Poatina to Mary-Cath’s place, we discovered our tent had blown sideways with the strong winds….our annexe had collapsed and the tentage seemed to be all twisted out to a funny angle. It was blowing a gale. Praise God, nothing broke….and we managed to correct the twist and peg it all in and tie stay ropes in place. It was a bit of a shock to find the tent that way. Gee it’s well made!!! And such a blessing that nothing was broken. Thankfully Sir and John arrived home just moments before us and helped considerably with righting the tent and securing it. (Again, Daniel and I forgot to take photos!!!)

Anyway, we enjoyed our time with Mary-Cath (the Energiser Bunny personified) and John and their family. It was a real treat for all of us to get to know them better. Hopefully we’ll get to visit with them again before we head back to the Mainland….

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Rosalie said...

I am loving this traveling vicariously! It's lovely to see what you've been up to & especially see our lovely friend Barbara as well. You are all looking very well, Barbara included. Like the purple shirt Karen, looks really nice on you. I loved the mural photos, what a find. Must make a mental note to remember the name of that town so one day when we make it to Tassie we can look in person. It really did look like the kids were patting their dogs in one photo. Our love to you all.