Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Uncontactable & Out of Transit…

Everyone needs some time to rest, and after discovering this little gem of a campsite in The Wollemi National Park, NSW, we decided that a 2 night stop over and day of rest was in order. We unpacked the kids’ bikes, set up for a more permanent stop over…and took some time to breathe.


Dunns Swamp Campground….not the best name I know, but it’s a glorious spot 27km down a dirt road near Rylstone, literally bordered by big rock formations, a creek fit for swimming/canoeing and fishing, aboriginal hand stencils and composting toilets!!! We thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Sunday started off with a sleep in (it’s been a while!!!), then we did a Bush Church service for ourselves. God is amazing, and continues to encourage us in the most unexpected ways. I feel sometimes that God’s presence in our lives is like a finger print…sometimes we can clearly see it marking the surface of our day to day…and other times the finger print is invisible…but you know it’s still there!

We went for another long walk…4. something? km and saw the most stunning views, before swimming for several hours in the crisp clear water of the Cuddegong. Beautiful!!! We can recommend it!!!












Tara said...

you guys have had an exalent advencher so far i wish i was there too but i feal that i am there by the photo's that you've given us it's amasing!!!!!!!

Michele said...

I have travelling envy just from these shots. THIS is why you are doing it. LOVE the photo of mum in between her kidlets. Lovely Karen x and thanks for sharing your ADventure with us via the blog too guys - awesome