Monday, December 28, 2009

Never Manned the Rain

We have been staying with our good friends, Andrew and Kristelle Mann and their 4 children in Canberra. This makes 12 people hanging out in the house most of the time, which makes things a little crowded. A lot of people have been praying for rain as Canberra and surrounding districts is extremely dry, and this week some of their prayers were answered. It started raining on Thursday, and didn’t let up until Sunday night. This is fantastic for Canberra, but not so good for the peripatetic Askey-Doran’s – and their tent!

We were very blessed to be camping in the back yard of someone who was prepared for anything. They very graciously allowed the children to sleep in the house when their beds got wet, and their children have enjoyed the sleep-over's with friends as well. A&K are well organised for camping in all conditions, and seem to have anything we don’t.

We have also been regularly visiting Daniel’s sister, brother-in-law and their 2 boys, who live about a 1/2 hour drive away. Naomi and John are leaving Canberra this year to move to Queensland, so they hosted a family Christmas with Mum and Sir Askey-Doran (Sir is an affectionate title, not official yet!), Ruth (sister) and Lincoln (nephew) and her partner Paul. Also visiting were members of John’s family including his Mum and Dad, and his sister Robyn and her husband Barry. So we are constantly moving between one busy house and another.

Ruth, Naomi and mum and Sir decided to take the children out for a day to visit some of the sights of Canberra.

S6301038 S6301039 S6301046
Rosa, Aunty Naomi, cousin Joshua Nonna, Leisl, Poppy (AKA Sir) Leisl, Rosa, Josie, Connor
S6301040 S6301041 S6301050
Cousin Lincoln, cousin Joshua, Rosa, Aunty Naomi, Nonna, Leisl, Poppy Peter (Friend of Geoffrey), cousin Lincoln, cousin Geoffrey (under), Leisl, Rosa, Connor, Josie Rosa, Leisl, Connor, Josie

During the day they visited the Australian War Memorial, Old Parliament House and somewhere else! (I can’t remember)

The children came back telling stories about their day, and had an exceptionally great time. Thanks to Ruth and Naomi and Nonna for organising everything. They even provided lunch!

And now, a few days later, we have finally had a day of sunshine and the tent has dried out. Yay……. looks like rain again tonight!

Oh well, never mind the rain, Canberra needs it.

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