Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cold & wet into Tamworth…

After a full day’s driving from Lismore to Tamworth in the rain…we pulled up to discover we had bags of soggy bedding! NOT GOOD!

Apparently the waterproof, snow proof, dust proof Bags we bought to sit on our trailer tool box and hold the children's doonas & quilts are NOT WATERPROOF!!! Aaaaaargh!

It was just one of those evenings you know, where everything goes a little awry. I accidentally slammed a locked door on Miss Rosa’s finger (poor little girl) which saw us scrambling to unlock the front door so we could climb over the back to unlock the back door and release her poor wee flat finger!!! After we got her settled down, had a rushed Dinner and a strong coffee for the now shaken Mummy…we searched out a caravan park to set up for the night.

Did I mention it was RAINING!!!

We all prayed that God would send us a break in the weather to set up. And our beautiful faithful God…stopped the rain for us to set up, even providing a rainbow!!!



Then…after we were set up…it rained again. He is always in the little things as well as the BIG things. PTL!!! What a Blessing.

We were able to dry most of the bedding, and the next day we headed into town to purchase SPACE Bags!!!

Hopefully that will solve our Waterproof dilemma!!!

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Rochelle said...

Oh the memorable moments of camping and life on the road. We had many when my paretns took us around Australia when i was in Grade 4. one of the best holidays of my life (and family bonding times too!) We'll have to compare notes when next year Karen :) Rochelle