Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Childhood memories…Family Heritage…and the beautiful CedarHolm!!!

After spending a couple of days on the Gold Coast with our good mates Ashley & Jelly (and their gorgeous girls Chloe & Sienna)…we set off in high spirits for the official first leg of our A-D Venture…Life on the road!
We headed for Byron…with a slight detour into Mullumbimby to take a look at the House my Great Grandfather William Anders Back built and raised their family in. This was a special experience for me, as I had visited “CedarHolm” (or The Cedar House) when I was a little girl….the experience of walking through this stunning home with all the stories and family history being spoken about around me was truly a  magical experience when I was a child. So we shared that with our children too. The stately home is now Heritage Listed and their has been an Antique shop running out of the back building for 35 years (this was originally the maid’s quarters & what became the Garage; my Great Grandfather had one of the first motor cars in this area).
(Please click on the photos to open them up to a larger image)
So after a little trip down the nostalgic lane of my childhood memories we headed for Byron Bay :)

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